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TOR Browser bundle

The TOR browser bundle is software package that includes what you need to surf using TOR. The .exe downloadable is just a extractor which extracts files (not install as you are used to). The extracted files make up all you need, which mean you can extract them to a USB stick which will work on any Windows PC.

The "Tor Browser Bundle for Windows with Firefox (version x.x.xx, xx MB)" bundle is enough to get you up and running. Download, extract into a directory of choice, navigate into it and doubleclick "Start Tor Browser". Note! If you are inside a corporate you may need to define proxysettings to reach.

Once connected, the bundled version of Firefox will be launched. You will also have the Vidalia Control Panel were you can view various information about your communication with the TOR network. A nice feature is the geograpical worldview were you can view your own paths through the Network.



Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 October 2010 15:34